2nd Annual WOCFTB x The WOC Fashion Tech Podcast

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Women in fashion and technology will gather on Saturday, February 9th during New York Fashion Week for a special Women of Color FashTech brunch to celebrate diversity and discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for women of color in their respective fields. The event is the brainchild of Brittany Hicks of Girls in Fashion & Technology (G.i.F.T.), fit technology consultant Jessica Couch of Luxor & Finch, and Geek of Chic founder Ellie Zambrano, who each recognize the lack of community for women of color in the fashion tech space.

“We believe that community is the foundation of progress and growth for women of color in fashion and technology fields,” says event producer Brittany Hicks. “There is a distinct lack of diversity in the technology ecosystem and that is problematic for women of color who are trying to get into this field,” adds Jessica Couch, “It creates an environment where women feel marginalized and without a proper support network, they often look elsewhere for more inclusive work.”

The brunch will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, influencers, and trailblazers in the fashion and tech world for a panel discussion and afternoon of networking with fellow industry professionals. The Women of Color FashTech event will be held on Saturday, February 9th from 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. at Fig & Olive in the Meatpacking District. Early Bird Tickets are available now for $75.

Launching at SXSW, on March 11, 2019: The WOC Fash Tech Podcast will navigate the intersection of fashion, fit, body positivity, diversity and tech through influencer interviews, Our two hosts, Brittany Hicks and Jessica Couch bring personality, diverse experience, and enthusiasm to the evolving world of fashion. Check it out!

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Fashion, Fit, Culture - SXSW2019

South by Southwest is an annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States. It began in 1987, and has continued to grow in both scope and size every year.

This year - We'll be hosting a live podcast (in collaboration with NYFTG (Luxor + Finch and Geek of Chic) discussing fit as a complex issue in the fashion industry interlaced with innovation, sustainability, inclusive practices, representation and economic advantage.

We are interviewing industry experts working in fashion, fashion tech and fashion media with the goal of helping people understand the future of fashion tech, customization, and consumer centricity while addressing the disconnects surrounding fit.

Fit currently drives $64B  in annual returns and there is $50B of dead inventory that is never sold and the 15M tons of textile waste produced just by Americans. Solutions are complicated and the conversation is just starting! We hope to see you there!

Attendees and listeners will learn:

  1. about the impact fit has on the fashion industry economically, ecologically and socially

  2. the perspectives of diverse women of color on these topics

  3. and understand how the issue of fit is a matter of innovation, sustainability, and social justice

FashTech: The New Business of Fashion

The Business of Fashion (BOF) and McKinsey & Company ‘2018 State of Fashion Report’ (SOFR) projects that this year, " for the first time, more than half of apparel and footwear sales will originate outside of Europe and North America" foreshadowing a shift in the industry.  Technology has made that shift possible. Due to mobile commerce, online editorial exposure and a generally flattening economic landscape, consumers have more and faster access to trends. Finding a stylist, curating a look or purchasing products, even exclusive pieces, can all happen online with the click of a button.


For this reason, entrepreneurs and disruptors in the industry should know about more than trends and aesthetics. As Fashion Technology (FashTech) grows, stylist need a pulse on its application for their craft. Girls in Fashion & Tech (GiFT) is addressing pipeline flaws that leave fashion professionals and other creatives at a disadvantage in a business climate that grows more heavily tech focused each year. 50% of current jobs will not exist by 2025 and 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't even been created yet, so there is a growing need to re-train the workforce, address the current skills gap and increase continuous learning.

The 2018 SOFR also notes that the fashion industry is undergoing a transformative shift, where consumers have a higher expectation for customer experience and place higher scrutiny on convenience, price, quality, newness and a personal touch. Over 60% of the key trends and disruptions influencing this industry transformation are directly linked to technology. Among other economic, consumer and industry changes, customers are:

  1. focusing on personalization

  2. looking to the web and platforms first for style inspiration and product research

  3. mobile obsessed

  4. benefiting from AI in product development and customer UX

  5. caring more about sustainability

  6. finding utility from the innovations in startups and startup culture

This phenomenon points to a need the fashion education market has not recalibrated to meet. And anticipated spend in cross border e-commerce will rise to $1 trillion by 2020 making diversity of background, expertise and thought, in addition to technology focused skills, more important. GiFT is addressing these gaps by exposing industry professionals to fashion as an interdisciplinary issue alongside technology and equipping students with the language and awareness necessary to address diversity, or the lack thereof, in the US and global market as part of their professional development. For more information, check out the BOF and McKinsey and Co. 2018 State of Fashion Report.