Denim, Fit Tech & Body Positivity


We are just 12 days away from our first event! On January 23, we are collaborating with Luxor + Finch in LA to discuss Fit Technology in the denim space and how it's impacting the ever evolving shopping experience.

Jessica Couch, the founder of Luxor + Finch, started her Fit Tech Meetup in New York City as a way to connect industry professionals, creating a venue to exchange ideas about all the fascinating ways technology is impacting our space. When Jessica launched her company a few years back, after finishing her MBA are Cornell, she was way ahead of the fit tech curve, so brands were not ready to embrace this new way of working, despite its positive impact for customers. The industry now understands the utility of this technology for brand building, customer loyalty and shopper affinity! The recent focus on the importance of this tech give Jessica a unique platform to share her expertise with everyone.

After 3 years as the Men's Premium Denim buyer at Amazon Fashion, I've also had a wealth of exposure to marketing and brand growth around fit and body positivity. I'm excited to partner with Jessica, fit tech start-ups and other experts to bring more awareness to this part of the field. We hope to see you there!