Just Call Me Hicks (@justcallmehicks)


About 4 years ago, I started a blog (the first time)! Then I tried again 2 years ago...which makes this attempt number three. The first time was kind of fun, the second time gave me anxiety! My wit and passion came through in the post - but I took myself and that blog waayy too seriously! In my mind, I saw myself becoming one of those fashionable internet persona's with a really interesting, really fabulous life! Think cute small town black girl, with a job that sounds way more sexy than it actually was (at the time) - writes about it on Blogger and has Sophia Amoruso overnight success with the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw and the cult following of Beyonce. That obviously didn't happen, so here we are, on attempt number three.

This time, I just want to post about interesting things happening in my life and career,  vent about being black and a woman in fashion, debate the challenges of being a woman working in tech and share what I have learned about the intersection of fashion and tech in my career, especially at Amazon.

Through my recent experiences, I've become really passionate about validating women's desires to lean in on what might be considered a non-career option for anyone serious about business or tech, you know the paths I'm talking about....fashion, beauty, hair - anything we consider fun and feminine! But I want girls to get excited about these things and know they can be taken seriously in these spaces. I want us using the full capacity of our God-given feminine thoughts, talents, experiences and yes!!! gifts in business, engineering, technology, science and math to make this work more cool and accessible for women everywhere. My goal is to change the narrative, so smart girls can do what they want without their interest and hobbies being discredited because of their "stereotypically feminine" nature.

Going forward, I'll back track a bit and tell you how I started at an HBCU studying finance, ended up with a degree in Supply Chain and eventually landed here...in Seattle working for Amazon on tech things for fashion. You can call me Hicks! All my friends do...and it's actually my last name. Connect with me on instagram by following @justcallmeHicks or leave a comment below, including topics you would like to read about on this blog.