Meet Brittany Courseault | Engineer at Spacex

Meet Brittany Courseault, she is an Industrial Engineer at SpaceX living in Waco, Texas. Her career in tech was inspired early on when she attended a “Building the Future Seminar” at Georgia Tech as a high school student, where she was exposed to every type of engineering through hands on activities. Brittany later attended North Carolina A&T State University to study Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Five years ago, she wishes she knew that it’s okay not to know everything. So, her advice to anyone interested in her career path would be “…go for it even if you are afraid, even if you think you can’t do it, even if you no one else thinks you can, drag yourself by your pinky toes to do it anyway because after it is all said and done you will discover you have what it takes!


It’s really not as hard as it looks and even if it is, there are resources to help you navigate through it. I work with fReaKInG!!! Rocket Scientists – so please take this next point to heart… No one else has it figured out either! We are just doing our best to make the world better than we found it.”

She believes encouraging women and students to explore careers in the fashion and tech space is important because we will have to solve some new problems and the answers will not be traditional, they will take some extremely diverse thinkers and perspectives. She believes the answers live in the students being born today.

Brittany is currently working to advance the race to make the human species multi-planetary by terraforming and colonizing Mars. Getting there faster and cost effectively will be key to SpaceX reaching that goal before anyone else. I wonder what kind of textiles are required to get us there and who is designing those space suits? Click here to check them out on Elon Musk's insta! You can find out more about her life and career by checking out @mrscorso or following @spaceX on Instagram, or by visiting SpaceX on YouTube for the latest on the company.