Meet Jamila Galloway | Marketing Manger at G-Star


Meet Jamila Galloway, she is a Marketing Lead for North America at G-Star RAW living in Brooklyn, NY. Her career in brand marketing was inspired by her love for creating experiences for consumers. She loves that a good experience often leads to a lasting memory! She attended Trinity University, and studied Communications. Five years ago, she wishes she knew that what’s for her would never miss her. “


Too many times we get caught up in what we really wanted but didn’t receive only to end up somewhere better doing something even grander”, so her advice to anyone interested in her career path would be to stay positive, motivated, persistent and most importantly trust the process!

She believes encouraging women and students to explore careers in the fashion and tech space is important because it’s been a space that has allowed her to bring her whole self to work, unapologetically so. “Tech and fashion are constantly changing which means there is always opportunity to learn new things. It’s not one dimensional or a one size fits all. It’s multi-faceted and complex just as we are as human beings”. She is currently working on building her own personal brand so that companies will be banging on and knocking down her door to help elevate and evolve their brand. You can find out more about her on linkedin. Connect with her or say hi... she is extremely invested in helping passing the baton!