Meet Jessica Couch | Fit Tech Consultant & Entreprenuer


Meet Jessica Couch, a Fit Technology Expert at Luxor + Finch living in New York City. Her career in fashion and tech was inspired by her own customer experience, issues with fit and early entrepreneurship endeavors as a boutique owner!

Jessica attended NC State University to study product development. She later earned her Masters at Cornell University where she studied Fit Technology under Professor Susan P. Ashdown, the leading authority on fit and fit innovation.

Five years ago, Jessica wishes she knew the concept of 10,000 hours! So her advice to anyone interested in her career path is to stay the course and give supreme focus to your goal.

She believes encouraging women and students to explore careers in the fashion and tech space is important because tech is going to revolutionize the fashion industry and women need a seat at the table. She is currently working on developing fit based technology pop-up shops and solving the fit problem for popular brands in the fashion industry. You can find out more about her work at