Meet Rovina Broomfield | Product Manager at Amazon

Meet Rovina Broomfield!!! She is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon by day... and the Founder and CEO of Fiber Sole by night (and weekends) living in Seattle, WA. Her entrepreneurial venture in fashion and tech was inspired by her career in eCommerce at Amazon and a heart for God, mixed with the frustrations from shopping for Christian street wear. Thus, the vision for Fiber Sole began. She attended Washington University in St. Louis (Olin Business School), and studied Finance (undergraduate) and went on to also earn her Masters in Business.


Five years ago, she wishes she knew the power of speaking your dreams - out loud - and making a real action plan, so her advice to anyone interested in her career path would be not to wait for permission to get started! Instead, write out your plan with a launch date and go for it! So often, we make the mistake of putting guardrails on our lives—waiting until we’re ‘ready’ and by then, it’ll be too late.

She believes encouraging women and students to explore careers in the fashion and tech space is important because our greatest fulfillment comes from creating. It is truly everyone’s calling. Rovina is currently working her day job launching Amazon's Textures and Hues, a new shop concept on she created, pitched and saw to fruition inside the retailer turned tech giant, in the early months of Fiber Sole her newly launched Christian street wear company, and finding time to write a book about her faith-based keys to business success!!!!!! Talk about a TRIPLE THREAT! Learn more about Textures and Hues here, on and visit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more about Fiber Sole. To see and learn more about Rovina's life and career follow her @rovinaciarra on Instagram.