Meet Shawnte Moore | Buyer at TJX Companies

Shawnte’ Moore is a Retail Buyer at TJX Companies (aka TJ Maxx) living in Los Angeles, CA. Her career in fashion, beauty and product development was inspired by her love for product and fashion merchandising. She attended FIDM (The Fashion Institute for Design & Merchandising), after completing her undergraduate degree at The University of North Carolina in Greensboro. At FIDM, she studied Merchandise Marketing.

Five years ago, she wishes she knew that patience is truly a virtue in this industry, so her advice to anyone interested in this career path would be to take time at each level of your career to learn and perfect your foundational skills. The big job and paycheck will come, and so will the big responsibilities! Enjoy each step of your journey, trust the process, and know that you will be fully prepared and equipped at each new phase.

She believes encouraging women and students to explore careers in the fashion and tech space is important because the possibilities are endless! It is truly a space where cultivating your passion and embracing creativity can result in a career that influences the world around you. She is currently working on advancing her career as a professional Maxxinista. In addition to her corporate career, she is hoping to connect with girls who are interested in Fashion and Tech through leadership and mentorship workshops in the Los Angeles area (more details to come!). You can find out more about her life and career by checking out @callmeshawn on Instagram.