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 Want to learn morea bout fit-tech, fashtch and representation in fashion? Great!!!! We pitched a talk to SXSW to teach industry stakeholders all about it! Visit this link to vote for our session so we can evangelize on behalf of women of color for representation in fashion and tech!

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Voting closes 8.30.2018!

Title: Fashions's Fit Issue: Representation in Tech

Panel Picker: 85347

There are currently $64B in annual returns due to fit, $50B of unsalable inventory and the 15M tons of textile waste produced each year by the fashion industry in the US. This panel is a discussion about fit as a a complex issue in the fashion industry related to innovation, sustainability, inclusive practices, representation and economic advantage with three industry experts working in fashion, fashion tech, fashion media, and sustainability. We intend to help people understand the future of fashion tech, customization, and consumer centricity while addressing the deficit surrounding fit.  But the solutions are a lot more complicated than just having better sizing.