Introducing my newest project!!!!! #SLASH: "Seattle Ladies and Side Hustles", a co-working collective for Black women to focus on and grow ideas, passion projects and businesses. In Seattle, Black women represent 4% of the population and so we must be intentional about meeting and networking with like-minded people who move through the world in the same way to feel connected and understood.


After almost a year of juggling Girls in Fashion and Tech with my day job at Amazon, plus personal hobbies, social life and my spiritual journey I realize that the most important part of my growth and development as a person and professional is centered around the people who mentor and pour into me! Dora, of Adorably Fit is the co-creator and co-founder for #SLASH! She has been living and working in Seattle growing her business for the last 2 years and we often commiserate over the challenges of staying the course! After a few conversations, and several pep talks, we decided the need for a group like #SLASH had yet to be addresses, and who better to meet the challenge than me?

We recently hosted our Kick-Off with 16 Seattle-based Black Women working to build their business. Attendees are involved in every industry from social advocacy, to podcasting, cooking, beauty and creative arts! Our first Co-Working meet-up is next on Wednesday, August 8 at The Collective, a new and modern co-working space in South Lake Union complete with full food and bar service, a rock climbing wall, hammock farm and showers! For more information on our bi-weekly meetup, check our instagram @slashsea.